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How responsive web design can improve SEO of your site?

Are you still thinking about whether you need a responsive design for your website or not? Let me tell you, it is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity to sustain in the competitive digital world.

Improve your site’s SEO with responsive user-friendly designing

Most people prefer to use smartphones and tablets for browsing websites and if they don’t get a better experience on your website they will surely abandon you.

There are millions and millions of websites, but are they all responsive? The answer is simply no. The fact is that they are not aware of what a responsive website can do to their business.

But, you don’t have to leave any stone unturned in your business growth. For this, match the pace of the competitive world and adopt new ways of custom web development to serve your customers better.

With responsive web design, you don’t have to create separate versions of the mobile and PC of your site. Your site will adapt to whatever screen size your viewers are using and will display the content in a readable way.

Since Google announced that it is moving to more mobile-focused indexing. Responsive web design has become the hottest trend in the online world. Now, SEOs should not only be restricted to the PC version but cover the mobile version too.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how responsive web design can impact SEO.

Why is responsive web design good for SEO?

Here are some important factors:

Lower Bounce Rate

Google receives 1.6 billion unique visitors a month and this makes it the most popular search engine.

What Google does is, it sends users to sites that are helpful. If users land on your site and find it hard to navigate, they will bounce back from your site and this drops your ranking.

Google makes a note of this and won’t send users to a site that has a high bounce rate.

With a responsive design, there are fewer chances that visitors will leave, as they will get all the content they need in a readable way.

Also, if you will give top-notch user experience to your users, you will have repeated users and more leads.

Duplicate Content

Google crawlers need direction from SEOs in order to understand which pages are vital for the site.

If you go for a separate mobile version website, you will usually face duplicate content problems. Despite having different URLs for your mobile and desktop site, they will have the same content.

If you have the same content at two places on the web, your visitors can land on the wrong version of your site.

By optimising your site via responsive web design you are placing all content in one place. The content will be the same and display evenly regardless of the users of the devices.

Recommended by Google

Google stated it ranks sites optimized for mobile higher in mobile searches. It has a separate index for mobile content. As this index is smaller, so if your website is responsive there are high chances that it will rank higher in mobile searches.

Link Building

A responsive website will give you an upper edge over your competitors. As the link to your main site will be the same as your mobile site.

As the mobile usage rises and webmasters start linking to mobile sites, your website can be backed from mobile as well as the main site. This way you will have a stronger backlink profile.

Page Loading Time

Your site can rank higher in Google if it loads as fast as possible. So it will be fruitful for you to make your site load faster to rank higher.

When there is more than one version of a website, a request by a mobile browser is sent to the server. However, in responsive web design, no such query is sent to the server. Moreover, responsive websites load faster than others.

Social Media Sharing

It helps in building an audience and increasing a fan base. Well, having a mobile responsive design will make it easier for your visitors to share content on social media. This will in return fetch you more visitors.

Having good traffic will make Google know that your website could be trusted which is a good thing for your site.

If your site is unresponsive, then visitors will get frustrated while navigating social sharing buttons and will leave your site.

Improve SEO with other Search Engines

Other search engines also favor responsive web design. Bing is the second-highest-ranking search engines prefer responsive websites. So, if a user uses a search engine other than Google, then also if your site is responsive it will rank.

Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing can increase traffic and improve your brand’s visibility. Responsive web design can make content marketing easier.

It can eliminate the need of creating different content for mobile and desktop versions. Moreover, content gets displayed in a standardised way regardless of the device used.

It will look good and appear the same on other devices.


If you don’t have to spend much on PPC ads and digital marketing you have a responsive site. It is a cost-effective way to boost your SERPS ranking.

Planning beforehand is of utmost importance if you want to incorporate a responsive web design. So, carefully plan and figure out how you want your website to look.

After all, this will help you in attaining your long-term SEO goals. Don’t overlook responsive web design while creating websites and upgrading.

Switching over to responsive web design will take time, but it will be a positive move towards a bright future.You need proficient web designers to create an innovative design for your website.

We are an innovative web design and development company that helps you with your web design choices. Firstly, we will analyse your business and your goals and accordingly will come up with a responsive design. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Let’s work hand in hand to create a website you always wanted to have.

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